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About Us

About us

In the early 60 there was nothing on the cliff where now you can see the magnificence of the villa MariaPia “that seems to spring from the rock. I Vincenzo Cuomo, son of the owners, I witnessed the creation from nothing of this fascinating and charming place to vacation, thanks to the enormous sacrifices of my parents, who are deprived of many things in their lives: “My father worked as a machinist on large commercial ships, sacrificing the feelings of the family and allowed them to build a piece at a time, my mother has the patience of the workers alone, given the remoteness of my father, in the past management of the villa, and my brother who has contributed to the construction, in the true end of the word, and maintenance of almost the entire hotel.

I also contribute to the project undertaken by my family I became a deck officer in the Merchant Marine, now with the title of Master Mariner, who now hope to devote myself entirely touristic activity of our family.
All together we have “Today” to realize our dream of seeing, over the years, the growth of structure, today the Villa has 12 rooms and 3 apartments to holiday homes. My relevance to socialize and pleasure of confrontation between different cultures have brought me closer to this activity. My motto is “kindness and courtesy.” Another goal for the coming years is to transform the whole villa, where up to now we all live together in a tourist luxury with all the amenities you need.
Even today, the pleasure of watching the horizon gives me a feeling of great serenity and relaxation, people who come to Villa MariaPia, all have the impression of living a beautiful dream from which no longer want to wake up.enzo-giulia Today we are all united to make sure that our structure, with family management, to grow by: my father ‘John’ on the go, even now that he is retired, the cultivation of gardens with tomatoes and other types of fruit trees, and the work still continues to do to help in every possible way, my mother ‘Mariapia’, which is also the name of Villa “MariaPia” that takes care of the flower with all the gardens, my brother ‘ Luca’ in charge of maintenance and’ I Vincenzo ‘Finally, with the help of my wife’ Julia ‘, I deal with the administrative part of the booking and reception of guests, my wife also with my sister’ Ada ‘also deals with the arrangement of the apartments and rooms to make sure that our guests always find everything perfectly in place when they arrive.

Our greatest satisfaction is that customers who stay at ‘Villa MariaPia’ would not go away anymore, saying to come back.

We hope everyone will come at least once in our little corner of paradise “to live a dream in the” Heart of the Amalfi Coast.”