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Information about the contractual terms villa

Information about the contractual terms villa


Below is a list of the terms and conditions that govern the demands of the customers, except as otherwise agreed in writing :
– The request for availability is not binding and does not act as a contract neither for the client nor for Hotel Villa MariaPia ;
– The booking request represents an order form and therefore binding for the client but not to the hotel,
which it feel free not to accept the booking ;
– The confirmation of booking that the hotel sends to the client is binding for both parties and establishes the drawing up of the booking contract with options.
– If the hotel require a deposit or credit card details, the client must send these within the indicated time
period from Hotel in order that the options are cleared and the booking is definitely confirmed. The
booking conditions and cancellation are accepted by the clients when they send the deposit or credit card details .
The Management reserves the right to require payment in advance of the stay or a guarantee by credit
card on arrival of the Customer, or weekly payments . In addition, reserves the right to charge for any
damage caused to property or to the structure by the customer. Although not specifically shown , the
reservation is governed by Regulation ” Uses in the Hotel sector .”

From Saturday to Saturday, on application and otherwise specified where it will be possible to foresee location with beginning and different term from that suitable;
• the beginning of the location can have been happening to her times for the hours 16.00 p.m. to 22.00 p.m.; if the location will begin after the 22.00 p.m. it will be necessary to pour € 20 additional(if required from the owner).
• the departure will have to happen within the hours 09.30; in case has to happen before the hours 6.00 a.m. they will owe € 20 to be versed on the place(if required from the owner);
• it will be care of the client to tell at least 48 hours before the anticipated date of arrival every possible variation in comparison to the schedules agreements.
Included is electricity, wi-fi, final cleaning and VAT.
The additional expenditure is only:
– Extra cleaning 40 euro daily, towels and sheets only once per week, any extra change provides an extra cost. All consumables such as toilet paper and dish soap will be provided once on arrival. All that is there will be no food supply, provide only the free shuttle to the grocery store and various consumables and where to buy food.
– Parking will pay 10 Euros per day in low season and 15 € per day in high season and Almeida for each car.
The cleaning and weekly for any
– Tourist tax introduced in 2012, 1 euro per person per day.
– For every extra 30 Euros in low season (and for children under the age of 12 also the medium and high season) per day in high season € 50 per day extra on the rent.


• 30% of the total amount within 5 days from the booking;
• the balance due will have to happen 60 days before the date of arrival;
• for bookings made within 60 days from the date of arrival at the villa you will have to pay the entire amount on the booking confirmation.


• Through bank transfer on our banking current to require the structure, booking office will send it by email.
• Through credit card with our official form that you will send us, filled in all part with your signature, by fax (at the number you find in our conctacts).
By e-mail if you have a good antivirus.


– DEPOSIT of 30% of the total amount within 5 days from the booking confirmation (unless otherwise agreed in writing)
– BALANCE DUE must be paid 60 days before the date of arrival (unless otherwise agreed in writing)
For booking done in less than 60 days before the date of arrival the client have to pay the entire amount at the moment of the booking confirmation.


The cancellation or modification of the booking is accepted in writing by fax or e- mail:
– Without penalty if the communication takes place within 5 days from the booking confirmation
– Penalty of 30% of the entire stay if the communication takes place from the 6th day after the booking confirmation to the 30th day before the date of arrival
– Penalty of 60% of the entire stay if the communication takes place from the 29th to the 21th day before the date of arrival
– Penalty of 80% of the entire stay if the communication takes place from the 20th to the 12th day before the date of arrival
– Penalty of 100% of the entire stay if the communication takes place the 11° day before arrival onward or in case of NO SHOW.
No refund will be taken into consideration, even if due to force majeure or adverse weather conditions .
EARLY DEPARTURE In this case there will be no refund.
In the case of bookings with a NON REFUNDABLE RATE the client must pay the full amount of lease at the moment of the booking confirmation. If it is not received within 5 working days from confirmation of booking the hotel takes advantage of the withdrawal of the reservation without the customer is entitled to prior notice.
You can pay by bank transfer , postal order or credit card. In case of bank transfer or postal order send the payment notification by fax to +39 089 9840035 (the reservation is binding for us only upon receipt of such notification). In case of credit card are not valid or the transaction result failure we can cancel the reservation without notice obligation, however, that will be done later when we had advised customers

JURISDICTION For any dispute that may arise relating to interpretation , execution and / or termination of the booking contract to which they apply these conditions in which the Hotel is part of the case , will be the competent court Salerno.

Sales contract: the reservation will be to god fine with the acceptance of the contract referred to above, at the same time the customer must also send a written confirmation and an account of 30% of total lease to our company with acceptance confirmation of the terms described below. The missed payment of which above to the established dates (account and balance due) it constitutes such express decisive cause to determine for the manager, the resolution of the lease with consequent cancellation of the booking and loss of the versed account eventually.
Beside the cost of transaction through credit card is included in the lease price while bank transfer is not included.
If the cost of bank transfer not happen for any reason at time of transaction, will then be chargerd at check out.
In case of not refundable rate you pay the entire lease on booking reservation and in case of cancellation or modify you not be entitled to any refound.


In the case of annulment from the client the following penalties will be applied:
• 30% of the whole amount if the cancellation happens up to 60 days before the beginning of the stay;
• 60% for cancellations among 30° a 20° day;
• 80% among 20° and the 12° day before the beginning of the stay;
• any reimbursement will be effected for cancellations reached after the 11 day.
• to the reception of the payment F.lli Cuomo S.r.l. it will inform the client on as to reach the place and it will furnish a telephone contact of the present personnel on the spot that it provides to welcome the clients and to the delivery of the keys over whether to lend his/her own assistance for tourist information;
• To the arrival the client must guarantee by credit card in case of any damage to property or to the structure from the customer careless. We no require cash like deposit.
• A greater number of people cannot be admitted in comparison to those suitable in the technical card of residence.
For every controversy of law it will be competent the hole of Salerno.
Although not expressly stated, the reservation is regulated by Regulation “Uses in the Hotel sector.”

INFORMATION WITHIN THE MEANING OF ‘ ART . 13 D. LGS . 30.06.2003 , No. 196

We would like to inform you , pursuant to art . 13 D. Lg . 196/2003 ” Code concerning the protection of personal data”, that the processing of personal data shall be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency in the full respect of your right to privacy. The treatments will be performed for the following purposes :
1 To fulfill contractual obligations and accounting and tax ~.
2 may be disclosed to the public authority requesting for banks, credit institutions , companies and data processing
companies issuing credit cards, for activities related to the execution of the contract and the recovery of the debt – .
3 . Offering attentive service and personalized customer also by reservation of external services providers to whom
your information may be disclosed .

The holder of the treatment is F.lli Cuomo S.r.l. based VIA ROMA, 15-17 – 84010 PRAIANO (SA) – Vat
07,441,490,633 whom you may contact to assert his rights as provided by art . 7 of Legislative Decree no.