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Free boat transfer to Conca dei Marini!

From our hotel on the sea in Praiano towards Conca dei Marini!

The desire to travel the sea and discover unknown destinations is a soul instinct. Even in the Greek mythology, Ulysses, the hero par excellence, is a traveller whose figure is strongly connected to the sea.

Without trying to emulate the deeds of the warrior of Itaca, we want to introduce you to a fantastic service on the water, to be experienced during your stay in our hotel on the sea of Praiano: a real boat tour towards the nearby beach of Conca dei Marini.

This small bay of the Amalfi Coast still sees moored the ancient boats of the local fishers, giving a picturesque and suggestive view, beloved by past Vips such as Gianni Agnelli, Jacqueline Kennedy and Margaret of England.

hotel grotta smeraldo costiera

One of the top attractions of this charming fishing village is for sure the Grotta dello Smeraldo ( Emerald Cave), a fissure in the rock that, penetrated by the water of the sea and the sun rays, gives at his interior a bright emerald colour view to leave anyone speechless.

The uniqueness of the service offered by Villa Maria Pia is represented by its direct transfer, leaving from our private pier, towards the beach and its sea restaurant, where you can have lunch with a stunning view.

If you love the Mediterranean cuisine and fish, in the exclusive destination of Conca dei Marini, you will spend an unforgettable day, jumping and swimming into the clean water touching the beach, and after lunch, relaxing under the sun of the Coast.

amalfi coast on the sea hotel

Put on light clothes, a bathing suit, go down the stairs of Villa Maria Pia, towards the sea, and board our small Lancia; in few minutes you will arrive to one of the most suggestive corners of Praiano and the Amalfi Coast!

For further information, write us or call us directly, to add to your vacation a special moment like this, we will think of everything for you, from the transfer to the table reservation.

The service is free for all those eating at the restaurant.

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