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One of the most evocative places on the Amalfi Coast!

The wonderful Positano is near our hotel! Discover more!

When one travels along the Costiera and arrives in Positano, the eye is still focused on the blue of the sea and on the surrounding rock, which follows the road, the model forces it to respect its essential presence.

On that same rock Positano is born, with its colored houses that appear more and more defined as we go into his heart, where the scent of lemons and the outlet on the beach are two elements of the same, fantastic, magic.

A destination for writers and poets, Positano is undoubtedly one of the towns of the Amalfi Coast able to enchanting everyone, thanks to its centuries-old history and to the more recent one, characterized by the frequentation of artists and celebrities, actors and directors who have brought all the charm and vitality of the world of cinema

With fashion, fashion can not be missing. The one born in Positano was born in the ’50s, with original creations made with fabrics in linen and cotton with special colors, which have now gone around the world, along with the bikini, which depopulated at the end of the decade right here.

And if people like Dustin Hoffman, Ivana Trump and George Clooney today never miss a trip through the alleys of Positano, just remember that, in the past, the country has lost its head for its sandals craftsmanship no less than to Jackie Kennedy, much to quote a style icon of the last century.

But in addition to fashion and style, Positano has just added another incredible attraction: its Roman Villa. A visit to this place full of frescoes and amazing rooms is not only recommended to professionals, but to all art and beauty lovers and anyone who wants to visit one of the most important archaeological excavations in Europe.

In Positano you fall in love with the people, the view on the Li Galli islands and the secluded Capri and restaurants, which make the Mediterranean cuisine an occasion for an evening of great charm and satisfaction. What to say, the reasons to visit it are not lacking!

As guests of the Hotel Villa Maria Pia you just have to treat yourself to a suggestive day in the arms of Positano, close to our hotel in the Amalfi Coast!

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