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La Costa d'Amalfi è un'esplosione di profumi e sapori!

Amalfi Coast Cuisine: cooking class at the chef’s house!

Between the most entertaining and fun experiences that we offer to our guests there is the cooking class dedicated to the Amalfi Coast cuisine!

Our cooking class will help you discover the secrets of preparing a typical dish of the destination you are visiting.

amalfi coast cuisine

Here at Villa Maria Pia we reckon that every moment spent in Praiano must be special, leaving in all your hearts a happy memory to treasure forever.

That’s why we organised our cooking class at the chef’s house, right there where Rocco and Carla live, waiting to teach you the culinary art of the Mediterranean Cuisine in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, where sharing is the keyword.

The warm enthusiasm of Rocco and Carla will rub off on you, in a mix of tastes and local products, that like magic, will become the best dishes of the Amalfi Coast.

The cooking class has also a section dedicated to wine, and will end with a dinner, made of all the things you will prepare together, in a magnificent sea view location.

Our territory is rich of authentic products, part of a healthy and simple cuisine, not too sophisticated, but just exalting the things that nature gives us with its ingredients.

You only need to have fun and follow our chefs, listening to all their suggestions and practicing when you go back home, ready to impress your friends and family!

“The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity,
than the discovery of a new star.”
(Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, french gastronomist)


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