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Read more on the most beautiful promenade of the Amalfi Coast!

Discover the Path of the Gods, a stone’s throw from our hotel!

When it comes to the Amalfi Coast, images of rare beauty come to mind, in which the sky meets the sea, enveloping the coast with reflections, colors and shades that are the background to some of the most beautiful photographs of our country.

From our hotel on the sea of ​​Praiano, this experience becomes real in a few minutes and conveniently close at hand. Going a few kilometers with our transfer or the nearby bus, we will take you to the beginning of the Path of the Gods, probably the most beautiful walk you can do on the coast.

Along the ancient roads that connected the hinterland trade to the coast, you will climb among citrus groves and ancient trees enjoying a unique landscape in the world. Each step is the conquest of a more favorable position to admire the coast and its union with the immensity of the sea.

In the most suitable periods to live this experience, spring and summer, on the path you can come across some delicate concerts that greets the sunrise or the sunset; the effect aroused by the union between music and this place is something that we leave to your words to describe.

During your stay at Villa Maria Pia ask our staff for all the necessary information to organize the excursion to the Sentiero degli Dei with a private guide.

The opportunities to be protagonists of something unique on the Amalfi Coast are around the corner, write us to find out more and book your holiday on the Amalfi Coast!

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