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A journey through the traditions of our territory!

Wine tasting on the Amalfi Coast!

During your stay at Hotel Villa Maria Pia you can book your wine tasting on the Amalfi Coast, an experience ready to turn your senses on!

Visiting the secular vineyards and the ancient winery of Tenuta San Francesco di Tramonti, a journey in time not to be missed, an exciting food and wine tour on the Amalfi Coast, guests of a small countryside village.

In contact with a rich and unspoiled nature, you will go at the discovery of hidden corners, small churches and villages dating back to the 700s, but above all, of irresistible tastes and flavors.

The cheese, cold cuts and AOC wines, produced on the Amalfi Coast, that you will taste, come from the Tenuta San Francesco, with all its passion and tradition.

degustazione vino costa amalfi

The vineyards of the farm date back to the XVI century, historical plants that had the fortune to grow undisturbed for hundreds of years in a marvelous environment, with a unique climate and properties, that you can’t recreate anywhere else.


The tasting of three different AOC wines during your tour is something sensational, because together with the pleasant aroma you have the perfume of the history and tradition of the Coast, for a multi sensorial sensation that words can’t describe.

There are different experiences you can have at Tenuta San Francesco: you can visit the vineyards and the winery and end your visit with a light lunch, or stay for a delicious meal, always in the magic atmosphere of Tramonti.

amalfi coast wine tour

We would also like to remind you of the fabulous cooking classes of Mediterranean Cuisine (also in English language) held by the wives of the owners of the Tenuta; Eva, Chiara and Elena.

The visits normally last two or three hours, four if you include the cooking class.

Write us and ask our staff for all the information for your wine tasting on the Amalfi Coast, we will be happy to organize everything for you!

And if you want to be lulled by these enchanting sensations, BOOK NOW YOUR ROOM at Villa Maria Pia!


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