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A unique experience to live!

Visit the Suppraiano caves from our private dock!

Holidays in the Amalfi Coast: visit the Suppraiano cave!

Among the experiences we offer you during your stay in Praiano,
there is one that has always been a great success: the visit to the Suppraiano Cave!

holidays praiano suppraiano cave

The Villa Maria Pia hotel is very close to this suggestive cavenand magical place, so close that you can reach it by swimming!

A private dock to get into the water!

The proximity to the sea of ​​our hotel and an exclusive platform on the water, allows you to easily discover one of the most evocative place in Praiano, right in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

From your room to the cave,
in a moment!

Walk down the steps that from your room lead you to the sea, dive in the blue waters of the Amalfi Coast and with a few strokes you’ll be in front of the Suppraiano cave.

The inside, which can also be reached by canoe or a small rowboat, the reflections of light on the water create some amazing visual effects, thanks to a kaleidoscope of natural colors that will leave you speechless.

A suggestive and romantic place to know!

In the cave you can stop an sit on the rocks for a break, contemplating this wonderful place, full of rock formations – such as stalactites – and some water features.

As guests of Villa Maria Pia, the visit to the Suppraiano caves is an easy opportunity to seize, a unique experience to live during your stay in Praiano.

Do you want more?

In the surroundings of Villa Maria Pia you can find also the Africana Caves, dug into the rock overlooking the sea, which are certainly worth a visit for their beauty.

When you arrive at the Hotel Villa Maria Pia, ask our staff any information you need to manage your visit to the caves, millenary natural ravines that represent real gems of the Amalfi Coast.

If you are not a good swimmer, remember that the caves can be easily visited in total safety by renting a small boat.

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