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Visit the atelier of Paolo Sandulli!

During your stay on the Amalfi Coast, ask Giulia to guide you
to the Atelier of Paolo Sandulli, not far from Villa Maria Pia!

Among the hotels in Praiano, ours offers you a spectacular view over one of the most fascinating locations of the Coast, the Saracen tower where lies the inspiration of one of the most brilliant artists of Praiano.

The special bond between our Giulia and Master Sandulli, gives you the opportunity to meet him personally and admire his creations, testimony of a great talent expressed through his paintings, drawings and terracotta sculptures.

The artistic journey of the Master starts in Naples, where he attends the Accademia di Belle Arti ( Academy of Fine Arts), to move then to Rome and to the Ruche of Paris. After five years he comes back to Naples and since 1993 he lives in Praiano.

Among his artworks, notorious are the terracotta women, with sponge hair, strong presences that “inhabit” his laboratory on the sea, inside one of the 34 towers that in the IX century were put to the surveillance of the Coast, protecting it form the Saracen pirates.

In addition to his beautiful women, the atelier shows images, drawings and paintings representing the typical sea life of the people in Praiano, all artworks of great value, but also very accessible pricewise, that you can buy during your visit.

Torsos, portraits, animal figures and tributes to important artists such as Morandi, all in terracotta, but also delicate oil on canvas and drawings representing the Amalfi Coast: impossible to resist, better give up and just accept the idea to add one to your suitcase, as memory of a beautiful vacation.

“Torre a mare” (tower on the sea) is the reign of Paolo Sandulli, a place contemplating in silence the blue of the sea, and of the sky, that seem to be endless, wrapped in the colors and perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub.

Don’t miss the opportunity!
Visit Atelier Sandulli with us!

Write us to add this experience to your stay
and talk with Giulia while you are here
at Villa Maria Pia, she will take
care of everything!


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