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In Praiano “Heart of the Amalfi Coast between Positano and Amalfi is located” Villa MariaPia “in a unique scenery of exceptional beauty, ideal for guests who love the sun, the sea and the hills that encircle . From the summit of these hills, along the Path of the Gods, you can see all the countries of the Amalfi Coast as Montepertuso, Positano, Praiano, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi, and its 300 meters high above sea level , is Ravello with its ancient and beautiful villas and Cimbrone Rufolo known and admired throughout the world that offers tourists a breathtaking view where you can admire Maiori, Minori and the Gulf of Salerno. From ‘private access to the sea of Villa MariaPia Tourists can penetrate to swim in the impressive cave called “Cave Suppraiano” located just below the villa and enjoy the wonders of his sparkling green water, looking up the visitor will be amazed its incredible beauty and fantastic blend of rock and sea, typical of all towns of the Amalfi Coast.
The Villa seems to be born from the rock is a wonderful show for the traveler. There are very large terraces equipped for sunbathing and outdoor dining to enjoy the full splendor of the Amalfi Coast and you have the feeling that they can dive into a sea of infinite horizon (the terraces, not many years ago, were choices and then replaced by the beautiful bridge over the Fjord of Furore, the major international championships of diving from great heights). However, even if the visitor is a sample of diving, you can simply fill the inviting sea of blue eyes. Villa are characteristic of the pitches of green with olive trees and lemon trees and a very special centenary and carob tree where you can smell the scent of nature.

The Villa Maria Pia is very close to the beach of Praiano, which is easy to reach by walking from the visitor along a path that runs along the sea and is situated at the mouth of the rough valley “of the Firth of Marina di Praia”, in watch this coast is the famous “Torre a Mare” of medieval origin and below the beautiful reef that surrounds the path that the tourists can reach the beach of Praiano or down a few stairs from the main road. Along this street you can admire the beautiful coast to Conca dei Marini, the Gulf of Salerno to tip Licosa one hand while the West “The rock of the ego” emerges from the water as the tip of a huge lance. Today Marina di Praia is a popular seaside town, joined by thousands of hikers due to its characteristic position between two tall cliffs where the guest can also find delicious local snack to eat fresh fish just caught by local fishermen, visitors will also bars and small beach resorts with sun beds and umbrellas. The Traveler’s lover trekking in the area can find walks that are famous for their exquisite beauty, as the “Path of the Gods.”

Never forget “Villa MariaPia”.

9 reasons to choose Villa Maria Pia

Breakfast room

Ideal for a relaxing breakfast or to read your favorite books.

Rooms with sea view

The sea view that can be enjoyed in rooms and apartments is of incomparable beauty.

Restaurants in Praiano

Booking at the best restaurants with free shuttle service.

Road connections

The main towns of the Amalfi Coast are well connected by bus.

Near the center of Praiano

The center of Praiano is just a few minutes.


Boat excursions with departure and arrival at the hotel.

Interiors are in Vietri ceramics

The interiors of the apartments and rooms are made of fine ceramic from Vietri.

Lounge bar

The bar is stocked with domestic and foreign top brand liquors.

Helpfulness and courtesy

To ensure our guests maximum comfort for their stay on the Amalfi Coast.